But now I’m really fucking scared,because he has a poster,in magazines. He’s getting more and more famous by the minute and I’m shitting my pants over here,omg no no no no no

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Yesterday, when i was helping myself to my 2nd piece of choclate bar, my dad came in. I
said “i’ve put on a little bit of weight, but who cares, i’m comfortable with my body.” ( And this is a big deal for me, you see. I have been struggling with anorexia for about a year. My mum is the only one out of our family that knows. ). So basically my dad said “You haven’t put a bit of weight on, you have put loads on. You need to think more about your weight.” And i dont even know if my dad can remember me before my illness. I was a size 14 (uk) and i was large around my tummy and thighs, but during my illness i dropped to a size 12, then 10, then 6. This was very unhealthy for me, since i am very tall.

I managed to make my goal of size 10-12 now.

After today, i felt very un-comfortable in my skin for the first time in weeks. It just goes to show peoples thoughts affect you.

So, i’m saying all this cause i want everyone to know

A) never ever comment on someone’s weight, you don’t know what they’re going through, no matter how good you know them.


B) when someone does give their un-wanted opinion on what you look like, don’t listen to them. As long as you are happy, it doesn’t matter what other people think, it’s your body, not theirs.

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*on my deathbed*

nurse: do you have any last words

me: i………..regret……being so……m…..mean………and heartless…………….

*the light goes out of my eyes*

*a small piece of paper falls out of my hand*

*the paper says one word only*


but no-one noticed the scrap of paper that slipped from the life-less hand. It floated down to the floor, crumpled up. Over years the paper stayed there, gathering dust and getting old, until in the year 2057 the paper is found along a skirting board, stuck in between the floorboards. The woman picked it up, she was happy after getting a palm reading, telling her she’d have a long and wonderful life. She smiled as she glanced at the decaying slip of creamy paper, “Sike” she read as the smile wiped off her face. She stood, starring out the window, realising that nothing was gonna go right for her. A tear slipped down her face…

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